Business Owner’s View: Earned Safe And Sick Time Good For Employees, Businesses (August 19, 2017)

By: Lynn Goerdt, Duluth News Tribune

Duluth’s Earned Sick and Safe Time Task Force recently held its last public-input session. Now it’s time for a recommendation and for Duluth city councilors to consider a sensible policy.

As they do, I’m compelled to share my experience with other local business owners. After attending a few listening sessions, I can speak to common concerns. As a co-owner of a small business which, six years ago, chose to add sick leave, I’ve seen how the benefit outweighs the costs — not from a place of speculation but from experience.

It’s good for business.

It is essentially an “insurance” for employees and employers. We know that without earned sick and safe time, employees will come to work sick because they can’t afford to lose pay. I have done the same.

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