Businesses Elsewhere Report Few Problems with Sick Leave Laws (March 8, 2015)

By Kathleen Cooper and Kate Martin, The News Tribune

A handful of Seattle small business owners want Tacoma business owners to know that adjusting to mandatory paid sick leave for employees will be a lot easier than they may think.

“Don’t be terrified of it. Don’t make grandiose statements like ‘everyone’s going to close because of this,’ ” said Dave Meinert, who owns six neighborhood restaurants in Seattle. “Are you going to have to make adjustments and be smart? Yes.”

His assessment of Seattle’s paid sick leave law, in effect since October 2012, was echoed by the owner of a local chain of ice cream shops and the CEO of a consignment clothing retailer with operations in five states.

Their advice comes a few weeks after the Tacoma City Council voted 8-1 to become the second city in the state to require businesses to give paid sick leave to employees. Advocates point to their latest victory as evidence of growing acceptance of paid sick leave laws among political leaders and businesses alike.