Casar Issues Call For Citywide Paid Sick Days (September 5, 2017)

By: Elizabeth Pagano, Austin Monitor

This Labor Day, a group of community advocates and leaders gathered to celebrate the holiday with a push for more progressive employment legislation in Austin. The group, led by Council Member Greg Casar, issued a call for City Council to pass an ordinance that would give all Austinites access to paid sick days.

“Nobody should have to choose between their child’s health and their job, between their own health and their job. These are the real challenges that hundreds of thousands of Austinites face,” said Casar. “Almost 40 percent of Austin’s workforce is not allowed to earn paid sick days by their employer.”

Casar told those gathered at the Workers Defense Project headquarters that he was working on a resolution for Council’s Sept. 28 agenda, with aim toward having a law on the books by February. His resolution will launch a stakeholder process to figure out the details of any new law, which would apply to all businesses citywide. At the press conference, Casar said that they would be looking for businesses to provide five to 10 sick days for employees annually.

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