Connecticut Earned Sick Days, Testimony of Jonathan Kantrowitz, Queue

Jonathan Kantrowitz

Testimony in support of: SB 913


Labor and Public Employees Committee

Senator Edith Prague and Representative Zeke Zalaski, Chairs


To the Committee:

My name is Jonathan Kantrowitz. I am the founder and CEO of Queue. Inc. Queue has been in business since 1980. We are a small educational publisher located in Stratford CT. We have 18 “full-time” employees who work 30 hours or more a week. These employees receive full medical benefits and 5 sick days every six months.

We provide paid sick days not only because it is the right thing to do, but also because it is good for our business.

First, providing sick days helps us attract and keep the best employees, and engenders in them a sense of loyalty and respect for the company, since they feel the company cares about them.

Second, providing paid sick days obviously discourages employees from coming to work sick. This has many benefits for our business. It reduces the likelihood that a sick employee will infect other employees, and it helps a sick employee recover more quickly so they can return to work. I also believe that sick employees are more likely to have accidents and some of our equipment has the potential to cause serious injury. Finally, sick employees are more likely to make mistakes, and in our business mistakes are extremely costly. Editorial, printing, and production mistakes hurt the reputation of our business and have caused us to reprint hundreds, and sometimes thousands of books. Even simple shipping and billing mistakes cause problems for our reputation and waste a great deal of our time remedying.

For our business providing sick days is a reasonable cost that is outweighed by the benefit of retaining good and happy employees and reducing workplace errors that have potentially far greater costs.

This year has been a difficult one for businesses all over the state and the country. We have all had to make choices and sometimes cut back. But paid sick days have remained an affordable necessity at my business that has a minimal cost and provides many benefits to my business and to my employees.

I thank the members of the Labor and Public Employees Committee for raising SB 913 and urge the legislature and Governor to adopt it into law.



Respectfully submitted,

Jonathan Kantrowitz


Queue, Inc.

80 Hathaway Drive

Stratford CT 06615


Source: Everybody Benefits | Connecticut’s Campaign for Paid Sick Days