Fair Scheduling: Good for Workers, Good for Business (March 2, 2017)

By Carrie Gleason and Paul Sonn, Crain’s

Thousands of fast-food workers in New York City wake up every morning not knowing whether they’ll be called to work that day. Their schedule could change abruptly based on the whims of their employer, forcing parents to find a last-minute babysitter, students to miss classes, and others to cancel doctor visits, family dinners and other engagements. With hours fluctuating week to week, many don’t know if they’ll get enough to pay the bills.

The situation is unbearable and unsustainable. Seeing the rising toll of irregular hours, the City Council has introduced commonsense legislation to make it easier to plan one’s schedule, including more advance notice from employers and more hours to part-time workers who want them. Tomorrow, the council will be holding its first hearing on the legislation. The council’s bills also let workers make automatic contributions from their paychecks to support nonprofit charitable organizations that can advocate for them.

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