Mandated Sick Time Good for Employees, Employers (April 26, 2017)

By Jeff and Sheila O’Connell

Regarding the April 23 Commentary piece against mandated earned sick time (“Flexible plans work better for everyone”): Some of the authors’ claims are disingenuous. For example, they ask, “How will the work get done?” when someone is out sick. Let’s face reality: people get sick, their children get sick, and their parents get old. Every size business should have policies and procedures in place to make sure that when employees take necessary time off, the work still gets done.

We owned a small business for 25 years, and all of our 15 employees had earned sick time and vacation time. We made sure that all critical tasks were documented, and that each employee had one or two backup people trained to cover those tasks for them when they were out sick or on vacation.

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