Paid Family Leave A Boost For Small Businesses (September 3, 2017)

By: Sam Mogannam, San Francisco Examiner

As the owner of a local business, it’s important to me that both our local economy and local community are robust and healthy. For our economy to thrive, our companies need to be profitable and consumers need to have money in their pockets — even when those consumers need time off from work to recover from a serious illness or care for their families at crucial points in life.

California’s paid family and medical leave insurance program helps on both fronts. That’s why, like a growing number of businesses, Bi-Rite Market supports Senate Bill 63, New Parent Leave.

The New Parent Leave bill would permit all workers at companies with 20 or more employees to take time to recover from a serious illness or care for a family member without losing all of their income. It would expand our highly successful, existing system, which is paid for jointly by employees and employers.

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