Paid family leave insurance, a benefit for NY business (June 17, 2015)

By Bob Bland, Caribbean Life

For so many people, there’s no happier moment than the day you welcome a child into the world. And one of the scariest moments can be when that child – or a parent, or spouse, or sibling – becomes sick. With so many emotions to deal with, and so many things to deal with at once, the last thing you need to worry about is whether or not you’ll be getting paid.

We know that making sure employees have paid time off makes good business sense – because the less they need to worry, the happier they are, the harder they’ll work, and the longer they’ll stick around. That kind of consistency is great for businesses like ours.

That’s why it’s so important to support New York’s Paid Family Leave Insurance (PFLI) bill, which would let New Yorkers take up to 12 weeks of paid time off following childbirth or to care for a sick family member.

As a career fashion professional used to long hours and limited leave in the corporate world, I founded Manufacture New York in 2012 to create work-life balance for myself, my young family and our entire team. Now, we benefit from flexible work schedules, paid sick leave and ample paid vacation time without fear of reprisal or losing our place in line. And as a small, growing startup organization, this is just the beginning.

Every business should offer these benefits – we, along with many others (PDF), already do. Some, however, still don’t. They may claim this is just an extra cost, a hit to their bottom line, but that’s a short-sighted approach that actually costs money in the long run. In our highly connected economy, that can end up affecting a lot more than just one business.

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