Paid Leave Pays Off for Entrepreneurs (May 10, 2017)

By Geri Stengel, Forbes

In honor of Mother’s Day this Sunday, I’m revisiting a favorite topic — paid leave — and its importance to women entrepreneurs. (It’s important to everyone, too, but I write about female entrepreneurship.)

The jobless rate is at a 10-year low as hiring grows reports The New York Times. Competition for talent will toughen. So, to the one million plus women-owned firms, which employ more than eight million people, you’re going to have to compete to attract and retain top talent.

Now, you may be thinking how can my small company compete with the healthcare insurance, retirement plans, wellness programs and other benefits that big businesses provide? Maximizing employee benefits is key. Businesses can make more out of their benefit programs by tapping into what employees want and need. Understanding employee pain-points can help you increase employee satisfaction, loyalty, attraction and retention by offering benefit packages tailored to those wants and needs.

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