Paid Parental Leave Helps Tech Companies Retain Best Talent (April 4, 2017)

By Nicole Henderson, Whir

With the talent gap growing, technology companies are trying everything they can to recruit and retain the best people. For GoDaddy, this meant doing an overhaul on its parental leave policy to make sure its benefits reflected its culture and advocacy around bringing more women into technology roles.

In presentation on Tuesday at HostingCon, sponsored by i2CoalitionĀ and its Gender Diversity & Equity Initiative working group, Katee Van Horn, VP of global engagement and inclusion at GoDaddy, and Rob Wisniewski, director of benefits at GoDaddy, discussed the process through which the company went about changing its parental leave to be more supportive and inclusive.

After getting feedback from its employees that its parental leave was not competitive, GoDaddy did some benchmarking to see how others in the industry were doing, Wisniewski said. In that process GoDaddy found that the average paid parental leave in the tech industry was 19 weeks, way more than the one to 6 weeks that GoDaddy was offering new parents.

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