Why my Small Business Supports Paid Family Leave (October 12, 2016)

By Fatima Nayir, Mama’s Pizza

The people of [Washington, D.C.] need access to paid family and medical leave, and even big business leaders know it. Recently, a consortium of business organizations, lobbyists and trade associations put forward a new proposal that they think is better than the Universal Paid Leave bill the D.C. Council is considering.

Under the Universal Paid Leave program, everyone who works in the District would be covered by one program, funded by a 1 percent tax on employers. Everyone would contribute a tiny bit on a predictable schedule, and everyone would get access to a benefit families urgently need.

Instead, local corporate lobbyists are proposing that each individual employer be required to provide paid family and medical leave out of pocket to their own employees – replacing the insurance-pool model that small business owners, including me, can afford and support.

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