Starbucks Just Made a Huge Announcement about Parental Leave (January 21, 2017)

By Christopher Luu, Refinery 29

According to the Associated Press, Starbucks announced that it’s making revisions to its parental leave policy — and that’s excellent news for over 160,000 employees nationwide.

As it stands, the coffee chain’s parental-leave policy is already great by American standards. While federal law mandates 12 weeks of unpaid leave for births or adoptions, Starbucks’ moms-to-be can currently take off six weeks and receive 67% of their usual pay. With the new policy, however, which goes into effect on October 1, that 67% will increase to 100% for 18 weeks. Moms can even elect to have an additional 12 weeks off, though that will be without pay.

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