Will raising pay and 86-ing tips fix the restaurant industry? (May 19, 2015)

By Melissa Pandika, OZY

He was sweating and felt light-headed — a 103-degree fever tends to do that — but line cook Tim Veatch somehow made it through his long shift and the endless stream of orders. With his job, there was often no time to eat, of course, or take a nap. And the 6-foot-2 worker, down to a gaunt 152 pounds at that time from overwork and anxiety, tended to fill up on three or four pots of coffee to get through each day. “I was a total wreck,” he says.

That’s all in the past, thankfully. He now works 10-hour shifts, with three days off a week, paid sick leave, overtime and health benefits. But he didn’t leave the restaurant industry. He just moved to a different eatery, Camino, in Oakland, California.

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