Chipotle Blames Sick Employees For Norovirus Outbreak, Changes Sick Leave Policy (February 9, 2016)

Peter de Jesus, HNGN 

While Chipotle might never be able to find out what actually caused the massive E. coli outbreak that affected its stores last year, the company was able to determine something very significant. The norovirus outbreaks that happened in a number of its locations were probably caused by its own sick employees, according to Time.

The conclusion was announced at Monday’s company-wide meeting, which occurred while Chipotle branches across the nation closed for a few hours in order for the Mexican food chain to address all of its employees.

Norovirus spreads primarily through person-to-person contact. Thus, if a person who is infected touches food, the food gets contaminated, and the virus spreads from there, reports the Tri-County Sun Times.

Of course, since norovirus is spread by people who are sick, the company has announced that it will expand the allocated sick days for its employees. Previously, only two days’ worth of bed rest was given to Chipotle employees who are ill, but such a length of time is usually inadequate to fully get rid of an infection.