Businesses Leaders Support NY Governor’s Plan for Paid Family Leave, Note No Costs for Employers in Proposal (February 22, 2016)

NEW YORK, NY (February 22, 2016) —Today, business leaders in NY State expressed support for Governor Cuomo’s paid leave proposal contained in the 30-Day Budget Amendments. The proposal will guarantee all private sector workers a benefit currently available to only about 12% of workers in the state and will cost employers nothing. The proposal will be funded entirely by small deductions from employees’ paychecks. The business leaders believe the benefit is important for the state’s economy and call on the legislature to pass the proposal.

“The American Sustainable Business Council, with members across the state of New York, proudly supports the paid leave bill,” said David Levine, CEO of the American Sustainable Business Council, which has a member network spanning more than 200,000 businesses. “Many of our New York members like EILEEN FISHER, UncommonGoods, and Manufacture NY, already provide paid leave because they know it is the smart business decision. Paid leave leads to more productive employees and a stronger bottom line. We applaud the governor’s support and hope to see this bill passed,” he said.

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