Testimonials from Business Leaders who Support The Healthy Families Act

New York


Keith Mestrich
Amalgamated Bank




“Amalgamated Bank is a unique financial institution that proudly supports a progressive vision for America where economic opportunity is available to all. That’s why we support the Healthy Families Act. At Amalgamated, we understand that working families can’t seize economic opportunity if they don’t have access to paid sick days, which is why we offer 11 paid sick days per year for our full-time employees and 5 for our part-time workers. As an employer, we’ve seen the advantages of paid sick leave in action – the policy helps us retain good workers who are able to give us 100% while they’re on the job. We want our customers to work for employers that support their economic security and enable them to be their best at work and at home. We know that for most people, especially low-income workers, saving is nearly impossible if they must sacrifice their wages or jobs in order to care for themselves or a sick loved one. Amalgamated Bank supports legislation in our home state of New York, across the country, and at the federal level to ensure that our customers, and all Americans, have the paid sick days they need for a chance at financial stability.” Keith Mestrich, President and CEO, Amalgamated Bank