Testimonials from Business Leaders Who Support the FAMILY Act

Business leaders from across the country support the Family and Medical Insurance Leave Act (FAMILY Act), federal legislation that would create a national paid family and medical leave insurance program. Four states—California, New Jersey, New York, and Rhode Island—already have family leave insurance programs. Business owners from those states can attest to the ease of implementing such programs, and the many benefits. And businesses in other states are eager for their employees to have access to a national program. On this page, see what these leaders have to say about why family and medical leave insurance makes business sense!

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Multi-State Businesses

Chip Bergh
Levi Strauss & Co.

“Levi Strauss & Co. supports the FAMILY Act because access to paid family and medical leave is not only the right thing to do for employees, but it’s the smart thing to do for business. At LS&Co., our people make us who we are and it’s our responsibility to create an environment that enables them to be healthy, happy and successful at work and at home. The FAMILY Act aligns with our company’s leave policy and matches our belief that bonding time with a new child is critical for all parents and all families. We believe now is the time for the U.S. to adopt a comprehensive national policy like the FAMILY Act.” Chip Bergh, CEO and President, Levi Strauss & Co. 

Jenny Dearborn

“What I’ve learned from my time in the tech industry is that companies only succeed by imagining new realities. Women are an incredible asset to the workforce, not only bringing innovation to all industries, but also boosting our economy. Firms that have more women in senior positions and on corporate boards have been found to be more profitable, but barriers, like the lack of access to paid family and medical leave, stand in the way of many.  Being the only country without a national paid family and medical leave plan is not only a disadvantage to women, and our economy, but also to families and the growth of business. I endorse the Family And Medical Insurance Leave Act (FAMILY Act) because it levels the playing field for businesses and employees. It allows women and men to take the time they need and deserve when serious family or medical needs arise no matter where they work – and that is good for families, businesses, the economy and U.S. competitiveness.” Jenny Dearborn, Chief Learning Officer, SAP

Beth Monaghan

“I offer paid family leave at my bi-coastal PR firm InkHouse. Why? Because when employees are able to take time off to care for themselves or a loved one, they’re healthier and more productive when they come back to work. As a mother and an employer, I have seen first-hand that paid family and medical leave is the right thing to do-for the good of our community, and for our bottom line. It costs 150 percent of an employee’s pay to replace them, and only a small fraction of that to offer the support of paid leave.

“Fully comprehensive paid family and medical leave not only allows employees to take time for a variety of caregiving needs, but also creates a culture in which all of my employees (men and women) are able to freely take the time they need and do so willingly. This dynamic changes gender stereotypes and allows both men and women to care for their families. I strongly believe that we need women in the workplace — in fact, when they are present in leadership, companies perform better. My team is comprised of 85 percent women, and too often, I see them carry the burden of care. I endorse the FAMILY Act because comprehensive policies are not only good for families, but also help to level the playing field for women-and when women succeed, both businesses and families succeed.” Beth Monaghan, Principal and Co-Founder, InkHouse

Danielle Lewis
Springboard Partners

“As a consulting firm, our employees are our most valuable asset, and in our field paid family leave is an expected benefit. We need to offer it to be competitive with larger businesses in hiring and retaining the strongest employees. We advocated actively for DC’s new Universal Paid Leave Act. Budgeting to pay a tiny fraction of our payroll is dependably predictable and entirely manageable. The new law will make it possible for us to provide this important benefit and improve our competitiveness. Though we are proud that DC has become a national leader on paid family leave, we remain committed to the advancement of a national paid leave policy. The FAMILY Act sponsored by Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand (D-NY) and Rep. Rosa DeLauro (D-CT) is important for our small business for two reasons.

“First, like many new economy businesses, not all our staff works in the same place. In fact, our four employees live in four different states – technically, three states and the District of Columbia. So there are members of our team who cannot claim the benefits offered by DC’s law. And second, paid leave is the right thing to do for our country – not just for one business, one city, or one state. When a person wants to work in America, he or she shouldn’t have to choose between taking care of sick kids or parents and earning an honest living. And when the FAMILY Act is enacted, no American will ever face that horrible choice again.” Danielle Lewis, Partner, Springboard Partners

Kelly Vlahakis Hanks
Earth Friendly Products

“We’re a company of mothers, fathers, daughters, and sons who’ve come together to make safer cleaners for 50 years. Our employees are innovators and pioneers. and they’re the reasons behind the success of our ECOS plant-powered cleaners. We know how important supporting them and their families is to our growth and success. That’s why we support the FAMILY Act – a proposal that would create a paid family leave program for American workers. Time off to care for family members – be it a young child or an aging parent – is essential to maintaining a strong workforce. We urge Congress to support the FAMILY Act today.”Kelly Vlahakis-Hanks, President and CEO, Earth Friendly Products

Donna Morris, Adobe

Donna Morris

“Two years ago, we were one of the first companies to enhance our Family Leave policy. We now provide up to 26 weeks fully paid time to bond with a new baby, up to 10 weeks fully paid time for medical leave and up to four weeks fully paid time for employees to care for a sick family member. We are now able to care for our employees during major life events with time and financial support, doing the right thing for our employees and our business. Government mandates in the U.S. for paid leave are currently slim to nonexistent, that is why we fully support the Family and Medical Insurance Leave (FAMILY) Act, a federal bill that would address America’s paid family and medical leave crisis to benefit working people, their families, businesses and our nation’s economy.” Donna Morris, Executive Vice President, Customer and Employee Experience, Adobe

James Freeman, Blue Bottle

James Freeman
Blue Bottle Coffee
CA and NY

“At Blue Bottle Coffee we believe that workers need time to take care of their own health, to care for family members, or when there’s a new baby. I know I want that for my own family; so as an owner, it makes sense that my 225 employees should have this chance to care for their families too.   We’re based in Oakland. California has a law that provides workers with some wage replacement when they take a leave.  It’s been easy to implement…we do more than the law requires and ‘top up’ with some of our own funds.  We have expanded to New York City.  There’s no state law there yet, but we provide those employees with paid family leave too.  I welcome the introduction of the FAMILY Act - it makes sense to me for a federal law to set a minimum business standard across the states.” James Freeman, Owner, Blue Bottle Coffee
Rose Marcario

Rose Marcario


“We know from experience that doing the right thing by employees is a necessary element of doing business. I endorse the Family and Medical Insurance Leave Act (FAMILY Act) because workers in the United States should be able to take the time they need when serious family or medical needs arise – no matter where they live or where they work.The economic returns are tangible. Employee turnover costs companies up to 150 percent of the base salary of the person exiting. Benefits like maternity and paternity leave to working families or paid leave for serious medical needs are simply common sense. Let’s pass the FAMILY Act and ensure we take care of millions of people each year.” Rose Marcario, President and CEO, Patagonia
susan headshote edit (1)

Susan Wojcicki


“When we increased paid maternity leave at Google from 12 to 18 weeks, we discovered it wasn’t just good for mothers, it was good for business, doubling our retention rate amongst mothers. I’ve personally benefitted from Google’s policy, but all working families, regardless of their employer or state of residence, deserve the benefits of paid family leave. That’s why I support the Family and Medical Insurance Leave (FAMILY) Act, a federal bill that would help employees care for their families until they were ready to return to work and help their businesses thrive.” Susan Wojcicki, CEO, YouTube

Katarina Berg, Spotify

Katarina Berg

“At Spotify, our people are our greatest assets. Our ability to continue to deliver the world’s best music service lies in their hands. Spotify’s paid leave policy defines who we are as a company, born out of a culture that emphasizes a healthy work/family balance, gender equality and the ability for every parent to spend quality time with the people that matter most in their lives. We believe that all working people in the United States deserve the same without risking their financial stability or disrupting their career. Our Swedish roots show us that a national paid leave policy can effectively and affordably support a family-friendly culture. That’s why we support the FAMILY Act. We believe this policy will make a tangible difference in the lives of America’s workers and families, help create a baseline on which businesses like us can build and strengthen America’s economy.” Katarina Berg, Chief Human Resources Officer, Spotify

dan teran

Dan Teran
Managed by Q

“Managed by Q provides smart office management services. Our startup, which has grown from just 2 to over 500 employees in under 2 years, is premised on a “worker first” business model, with a commitment to providing meaningful employment to everyone involved with the company. This means ensuring that our employees thrive in their lives inside and outside the office. We’re fortunate to have two of our offices based in California cities - this means that our staff have access to the state’s paid family leave insurance when they need time to bond with a new child or care for sick family member. This program helps us to offer a critical support to our staff without having to shoulder the full cost of these leaves, which is a challenge in an industry where every worker who is absent must be replaced.

We support the federal bill, the FAMILY Act, which would enable workers across the country to use family and medical leave insurance and support employers like us, who want to do the right thing but may not be able to bear the full cost of paid leave. At Managed by Q, we believe our business will grow precisely because we put our workers first - and we think the same is true for the economy more broadly.” Dan Teran, Co-Founder and CEO, Managed by Q 


Keith Mestrich, Amalgamated Bank

Keith Mestrich
Amalgamated Bank

“Amalgamated Bank offers all the products and services of a major financial institution, while proudly supporting a progressive vision for America where economic opportunity is available to all. Nearly a third of our branches serve under-banked and low-income communities. We promote workers’ rights and corporate responsibility through shareholder activism. And we support public policy to achieve these rights. For these reasons, Amalgamated Bank supports the FAMILY Act, which would enable workers to receive some income when they need to take time off for the birth or adoption of a child, to tackle a serious illness, or to care for a loved one. Legislation such as this simply makes sense. It’s good for families, which is ultimately good for business. While some corporations, including Amalgamated, provide this kind of leave for their workers, not all employers have the capacity to provide paid family leave. The FAMILY Act creates a national insurance pool. From modest contributions into the pool comes a large pay-off – the ability of workers to maintain economic stability. The FAMILY ACT would ensure that all workers have more of an opportunity to sustain jobs and take care of themselves and their families.” Keith Mestrich, President and CEO, Amalgamated Bank

Amy Hall

Amy Hall
Eileen Fisher

“EILEEN FISHER is proud to support the FAMILY Act. The company is committed to our employees, through a strong family and medical leave policy as well as other key benefits that put our employees first. As a result of these efforts we have greatly prospered. We know this important legislation will help employees and businesses across the country thrive.” Amy Hall, Director of Social Consciousness, EILEEN FISHER 

Tom Nides, Morgan Stanley

Tom Nides
Morgan Stanley

“Paid family and medical leave is personally important to me. As a father of two in a family where both parents work outside the home, I know how difficult it is to be both a good parent and a good worker. While at the State Department, I watched my staff, who had no paid family leave, struggle to cobble together paid sick leave and annual vacation time in order to take time with new babies. And as a businessman, I’ve seen that demonstrating loyalty and respect for our people reinforces the same in return. A federal law that guarantees all workers paid family and medical leave is critical to supporting our people and economic stability.  I support the FAMILY Act because it is not only good for families and businesses, it also makes economic sense.” Tom Nides, Vice Chairman, Morgan Stanley and former Deputy Secretary of State 

Sheryl Sandberg, Facebook

Sheryl Sandberg

“We’re the only developed country in the world that doesn’t offer paid leave. There’s a really good bill out there called the FAMILY Act. It offers 12 weeks. It covers men and women. It offers substantial wage reimbursement and replacement. It covers all forms of childbirth and adoption and it allows people to care for seriously ill or injured family members or their own serious health issue. That’s the kind of public policy we need. From a business perspective, an economic perspective, and a human perspective, it is past time for a strong national policy.” Sheryl Sandberg, COO, Facebook

Jan Jones Blackhurst, Caesar's Entertainment

Jan Jones Blackhurst
Caesars Entertainment


“Women’s work helps drive the gaming and hospitality industries and the U.S. economy, and our country’s lack of family friendly policies is holding us back. Paid family and medical leave helps create a climate in which women are more likely to succeed and advance and where men are more free to provide care. In a state like Nevada, we have young families and a rapidly aging population. As a business leader, a former mayor and a mother, I believe that a paid leave plan, like the FAMILY Act, that covers parental, family care and personal medical leave and creates an affordable plan for working people, businesses and government is a win-win-win for all of us.” Jan Jones Blackhurst, EVP of Communications, Government Relations, and Corporate Responsibility, Caesars Entertainment

Erin Moran, Union Square Hospitality Group

Erin Moran
Union Square Hospitality Group


“Union Square Hospitality Group proudly expanded our own paid parental leave plan in 2017 to include all of our all of full time employees, both hourly and salaried, after their first anniversary. We have already seen the profound and positive difference it makes for us as a company and for our people. In thinking about the impact we can have by participating in the national debate we have chosen to endorse the FAMILY Act, which would create a comprehensive national paid family and medical leave standard, not just for new parents, but for anyone caring for a seriously ill family member or dealing with their own serious health issue. No matter where our employees are, whether in our home state of New York where paid family leave has just gone into effect, or in other states, we and our employees – and all working people – will benefit from a paid family and medical leave through a proposal like the FAMILY Act.” Erin Moran, Chief Culture Officer, Union Square Hospitality Group

Mike Steib, XO Group

Mike Steib
XO Group

“At XO Group, we believe we bear a sacred responsibility for the wellbeing of our employees and their families. Paid family leave is one of the most important ways we support our employees’ families at the most important moments in their lives. We are strong supporters of the FAMILY Act because we believe every American should receive the time and support they need to care for their loved ones when it matters most.” Mike Steib, CEO, XO Group Inc.


Nancy Andrews LIIF

Nancy Andrews
Low Income Investment Fund (LIIF)

“What I like best about the California law is that it provides economic security for our employees. That’s a very important threshold for them and for us, because it creates stability in our workplace and it gives them a sense of security that they can adjust as they hit bumps in the road of life. [Paid leave] is a huge benefit to our employees and to their satisfaction in working with us.The Low Income Investment Fund has offices in four different places around the U.S. and having a federal law that would standardize treatment for all employees is something that we think would make our business work even better.” Nancy Andrews, President and CEO, Low Income Investment Fund 

Jen Benz

Jennifer Benz
Benz Communications

“I do support a federal standard for family leave. As an employer [with…] a team of people who I care very much about, I want to make sure they have access to what they need to take care of their families and take care of themselves. California definitely provides more protection and better benefits than other states. There are certainly challenges for small employers to implement any new legislation, any new requirements. But in this case, I think the benefits far outweigh [the challenges], and I would be very comforted to know that all of my employees and their families have more security when it’s needed.” Jennifer Benz, Chief Strategist and Founder, Benz Communication

Annette Bonilla

Annette Bonilla
Environmental Science Associates

“Environmental Science Associates (ESA) is headquartered in California, with offices in Oregon, Washington, and Florida.  Among our more than 300 employees, it’s no secret that those at headquarters have a particular advantage:  paid family and medical leave insurance.    After California established the law, we began to notice that our employees who took time off when a new baby arrived or when a serious illness struck were less stressed than those in similar circumstances working in our other states.   Less stressed workers mean more productive workers. We want to see all of our employees thriving in the same way as their Californian counterparts. That’s why we support the FAMILY  Act – a federal law would help employees at all of our locations.” Annette Bonilla, Vice President and Director of Human Resources, Environmental Science Associates

Paul Orfalea

Paul Orfalea
Founder, Kinkos

“I supported California’s Paid Family Leave law and I support this national version. If we’re not taking care of our coworkers, we’re not taking care of business.” Paul Orfalea, Founder, Kinko’s 

James Peo Founder, Veo Optics CA

James Peo
Veo Optics

“Having everybody pitch in to a fund like [California’s paid family leave insurance], to be able to help the greater cause, I think has been a relief on the business owners’ shoulders. The cost to the employer is so minimal in comparison with the benefit that this provides for our society. I think that it would make a lot more sense to be mandated [federally]. Since it’s not such a heavy burden, and the actual reward is so great, I don’t understand why it’s not already passed.” James Peo, Founder, Veo Optics

Jen Piallat, Zazie

Jennifer Piallat
Zazie Restaurant

“As a business owner, I’ve long believed in treating my employees with respect and fairness – it’s not only morally right, it also makes business sense. That’s why I invest in my employees with fair wages and good benefits. I reap the benefits with exceptional profit margins and a great reputation. In California, we’re lucky to have had a paid family leave (PFL) insurance program for over a decade. It means my employees can take time to care for a loved one without losing income – and then can return to work, helping my business to flourish. Our state program helps me to offer paid family leave to my employees – another tool for me to retain great workers who are loyal to the restaurant – without having to shoulder the cost by myself.  I support the FAMILY Act, which would help employers around the country to do the same.” Jennifer Bennett Piallat, Owner, Zazie Restaurant

Jennifer Rothschild

Diana Rothschild
NextSpace Coworking + Innovation

“At NextSpace we provide workspace, community infrastructure and services that allow independent freelancers, start-up entrepreneurs, and remote workers to make a living and a life on their own terms. We also believe that parents and their children thrive better together, and so our NextKids offering adds on-site high quality infant and toddler carespace to our dynamic workspace. Our commitment to our members success would mean absolutely nothing if we weren’t equally committed to our employees success which is why we offer paid medical and family leave for both mothers and fathers in addition to full healthcare, flex time, and a generous time off plan. We make it a priority to give our team the time they need to take care of themselves and their families so they can return to work rejuvenated, refreshed, and ready to take on the day to day challenges of running a world class company. So far three employees (myself included) have benefited from California’s Paid Family Leave program, with NextSpace paying additional wages to further support our employees during this time. And although there is no law in Illinois, we provide our Chicago team paid leave as well. We think it is time for a national solution like the Family and Medical Insurance Leave Act (FAMILY Act) so that as we expand nationally all of our employees will be supported with strong business standards.” Diana Rothschild, President and CEO, NextSpace Coworking + Innovation

Vince Siciliano, New Resource Bank

Vince Siciliano
New Resource Bank

“Our business is about advancing sustainability – and that includes sustaining a long-term, engaged, and happy workforce. To do this, we need to think about our employees’ whole lives, including their families and their health. California’s paid family leave (PFL) insurance program has been helping employees do their jobs while caring for their families for over a decade. Policies like PFL support workers and help businesses come out ahead by building a stronger workforce.  We know paid family and medical leave is good for businesses. It’s time to share these benefits nation wide. The FAMILY Act will create a national paid family and medical leave insurance program that will boost businesses and support employees across the country. That’s sustainability.” Vincent Siciliano, President and CEO, New Resource Bank

District of Columbia

David Deal, Community IT Innovators

David Deal
Community IT Innovators

“We’ve built our business by trying to treat employees well. For 20 years, the FMLA has offered job protection and unpaid leave for some workers. We go further than the law requires, providing paid leave to our employees. It’s not only the right thing to do, it’s good for business, enabling us to recruit and retain great staff.  The FAMILY Act, a national paid family and medical leave insurance program, would allow more workers to enjoy the benefits of paid leave.” David Deal, CEO, Community IT Innovators

Daniel Turner

“TCG, a firm developing custom-built IT solutions to improve how government agencies run, supports the FAMILY Act. Appreciating the impact of families on our employees and the company is one of TCG’s six core values. Supporting the FAMILY Act is one way we value our employees’ families while keeping our costs low. TCG currently offers 3 weeks’ paid leave for new parents. The FAMILY Act would provide qualified workers with a statutory minimum amount of family paid leave for specific kinds of events. Under the act, TCG would pay only around $25,000 a year as a premium to provide some income to any employee during those events. It’s a trivial sum for a $26,000,000 company and on a per-employee basis, it’s a bargain. Without the FAMILY Act, providing any reasonable number of weeks of leave for employees experiencing major life events could cost our company far more.

“I myself took off six months in 2012 after the premature birth of my twins, who spent their first 5 months in intensive care. In the absence of a longer paid leave program or paid leave insurance, I used a combination of sick leave, vacation, comp time and unpaid leave, and my family dug into savings, of course. The costs were substantial. In the same situation, most employees in this country would have had to quit or let the company fail, or would have spent most of their time worrying about their kids while vainly trying to work. That’s also a tough position for an employer because when a worker is dealing with that kind of distraction, a whole team’s productivity will decrease and customers are impacted. It’s a ridiculous position for an employee and their employer. We must do all we can to fix this broken system.

“Giving employees time off to deal with their family or personal situations is just good sense. The FAMILY Act is a worthy and important enhancement to our society’s employee safety net that delivers real world benefits to employees and their employers.” Daniel Turner, Founder and CEO, TCG

Celinda Lake
Lake Research Partners

“As a polling firm, Lake Research Partners promotes progressive public policy and helps launch more women into political positions. As a business, LRP implements progressive employment standards and supports women in the workforce. Our core values lead us to support the FAMILY Act. We owe it to people to create workplace standards for both women and men so that they can care for themselves and family members while remaining in the workforce long-term. Frankly, people have earned paid family and medical leave, and businesses should compensate their greatest asset: workers. The FAMILY Act will promote gender equity by destigmatizing leave-taking and provide greater economic security by ensuring that even low-income workers can spend time caring for their family without sacrificing their income. Our support of the FAMILY Act is just one of the many ways LRP matches our practices to our ideals.” Celinda Lake, President, Lake Research Partners
Matt Erickson
76 Words
“Paid family and medical leave is an important social justice issue, but it is an important economic growth issue as well. The FAMILY Act will help 76 Words, a small media and strategy firm in DC, recruit and retain great employees. Our business will succeed or fail based on the talent of our workforce. But without a public family leave insurance program, 76 Words is at a disadvantage in competing with larger firms for the best employees. A robust paid family leave program like the FAMILY Act will enable us to offer the same benefits our competitors can. Providing paid family and medical leave sends a message to the most creative and valued potential hires that if they work for us, they will be treated fairly in a time of family crisis. The FAMILY Act will help 76 Words and other small businesses show our employees how much we value them.” Matt Erickson, Owner, 76 Words

Marcia St. Hilaire-Finn

Marcia St. Hilaire-Finn, Bright Start Childcare & Preschool

“For my staff, caring for children is a labor of love, but it is also grueling work. In return for the work they do, I think it’s important to ensure that my employees can care for themselves and their families. That’s why they have paid sick days, vacation time, and health insurance. A national paid family leave insurance program would enable small businesses like mine to also offer workers paid family and medical leave - time to recover from serious illness, care for a sick loved one, or bond with a new child – without requiring employers to foot the entire bill. Parents often ask about staff turnover when they consider which daycare to use. In the 12 years I’ve been running this business, I’ve experienced little turnover and I believe our policies have a lot to do with it. The FAMILY Act would ensure that high quality caregivers can keep their jobs, even when they must take temporary leaves.” Marcia St. Hilaire-Finn, Owner, Bright Start Childcare & Preschool


Megan Baker Orange Blossom Jamboree Events FL

Megan Baker
Orange Blossom Jamboree Events

“I support the FAMILY Act because no one should have to struggle with lost wages while they recover from a serious illness or care for a loved one. The decision to take time off should be in the best interest of your or your family’s health, not your wallet.”  Megan Baker, Co-Owner, Orange Blossom Jamboree Events 

Vanessa Cidral Organica Furniture FL

Vanessa Cidral
Organica Furniture

“Before going into business for myself I worked for a company in Brazil that provided paid maternity leave, and I don’t know what I would have done without it. Knowing I would be paid during my leave and that I had a job to come back to allowed me to grow my family. That is why now, as an employer, I support the FAMILY Act – because no woman should have to decide between welcoming a new addition and keeping her job.” Vanessa Cidral, Owner of Organica Furniture

Julie Norris Dandelion Communitea Café FL

Julie Norris
Dandelion Communitea Café

“My small business, Dandelion Communitea Café, is all about creating a healthy, vibrant, and enlightened community – and so much of that is about our people. I first learned to appreciate the importance of having an empowered and happy staff when I was a manager at Kinko’s, a business that valued its co-workers as whole people, with lives in the workplace and outside. Now that I’m a business owner, I want my employees to have the same experience. Being able to take the time you need to bond with a new baby, recover from illness, or care for a loved one is so crucial. The FAMILY Act would create a program that would support small business owners like me to offer our employees this time, free of financial worry. As a business owner, mom, and community leader, I believe a national law like this is long overdue.” Julie Norris, Co-Proprietor and General Manager, Dandelion Communitea Café 

Ronda Wallace Butterfly Tax Pro FL

Ronda Wallace
Butterfly Tax Pro

“As a mother of four I know how important it is to be able to care for your children, whether it is just after birth or at times when they are seriously ill. Too many parents are unable to care for their families when it is most needed because they can’t afford to take unpaid leave – or don’t even have that. That is why, as an employer, I support the FAMILY Act, which  would allow parents to take to the time they need to help nurse their children back to health when it is most critical. Giving parents the ability to take paid leave will help their children to recover faster and reduce parents’ own stress in extraordinarily difficult times.” Ronda Wallace, Owner, Butterfly Tax Pro


Jim Wellehan
“In 2014 we celebrated our 100-year anniversary. We started as a family business, and our success and longevity are a direct result of our commitment to family and community. Supporting employees when they need to care for their health or that of their family is just common sense. We’ve run our own paid leave program for years and are proud to endorse the FAMILY Act, the smart proposal for a national paid family and medical leave program, so that workers across the country will have the same access to paid time off when they need it.” Jim Wellehan, President and Co-Owner, Lamey-Wellehan
Kathleen Fleury
Down East Magazine
“Here at Down East we just passed a new set of policies that focus on making our workplace as family-friendly as possible. It’s a system based on high expectations and trust — and it helps us keep and recruit the most talented people to our team. The truth of the matter is that paid family leave is not just the right thing to do from a moral standpoint, it’s 100% necessary from an economic and demographic perspective. We fully support the FAMILY ACT — in fact, paid family leave in the United States is well overdue. We need to step into the 21st century and support the hardworking men and women who are navigating the very demanding obligations of both work and family life. Families will benefit, our businesses will benefit, and so will our economy at large.” Kathleen Fleury, Editor-in-Chief, Down East Magazine


Rob Everts, Equal Exchange

Rob Everts
Equal Exchange

“Equal Exchange is a business that is dedicated to fair trade with small-scale farmers in the developing world.  We think fairness needs to extend to our own workers, who bring enormous value to our business - and to their families and communities. Because we see our workers as human beings, who have human needs, we think it’s crucial that they have access to paid time away from work to care for their families and their health. When employees need to care for a sick family member, bond with a new child, or recover from serious illness, they should be able to do so without risking their jobs or financial security. I support the FAMILY Act, which would create a national paid family leave insurance program, because it will give companies the capacity to treat their employees right - and ultimately, to build better businesses.” Rob Everts, Co-Executive Director, Equal Exchange

Sheila Lirio Marcelo


“Care.com is a publicly traded company, which operates in 16 countries and serves 15 million members who seek or offer family care. We know that working families are the lifeblood of our economy, but far too often our mothers, fathers, sons and daughters are forced to choose between a paycheck and caring for a loved one because we simply do not have the systems in place to adequately support our working families. In a recent survey of Care.com members, we learned that 71 percent of parents have considered quitting their jobs and 69 percent have made career changes due to the high cost of care. That’s consistent with the roughly 70 percent of senior caregivers who are forced to make career adjustments, such as turning down promotions or leaving their jobs, due to family responsibilities. The FAMILY Act – short for Family and Medical Insurance Leave – would (finally) create a paid family leave program for American workers. We, at Care.com, are proud to support this important piece of legislation and when it becomes law, we’ll applaud our government for stepping up and truly making policies that will help millions of American families. Business and government must work together support working families.” Sheila Lirio Marcelo, Founder, Chairwoman & CEO, Care.Com




Brad Chism
Chism Strategies

“Chism Strategies is political communications firm headquartered in Jackson, Mississippi.  While our  permanent staff size numbers just 8, we provide paid family leave so our employees have the time to care for newborns, elders, and others in the family.  It’s expensive but this investment in our team strengthens our firm. It enables us  to attract and retain a high quality,  diverse team.  Our workforce is young and there will be babies, elders, and partners who need care; We wants our staff to meet those needs and return to their jobs.  We offer 6 weeks of paid family leave which can be taken in chunks of time rather than all at once. Wage replacement is tiered depending on tenure so that those who have been with us two years or more receive 100 percent of base salary, those one-two years receive 75 percent of salary and those with one year or less receive 50 percent of  base salary.  We don’t just say our workers are like family, we act on that belief.We have a military leave policy which guarantees that employees who serve have a job whenever they return. Chism Strategies endorses the FAMILY Act since a national pool of funds helps  employers everywhere provide a basic need for today’s workforce – time to care for family.” Brad Chism, President, Chism Strategies

New Hampshire


Emily Hall-Warren, W.S. Badger

Emily Hall-Warren
W.S. Badger

“Since our founding, Badger has been committed to taking the high road with family-focused policies such as babies at work and flexible scheduling that improve employee well-being and workplace practices. We attribute our virtually zero recruitment costs and turnover to our benefits. Potential employees seek us out, and once they join the team, they remain because of our unique culture and approach to business. In a recent employee engagement survey administered by an outside firm, 100 percent surveyed felt their manager respected their work-life balance, 82 percent reported feeling highly engaged, and more than half plan to stay at Badger for more than five years. We support the FAMILY Act because it builds community and strong workplace culture, increases retention and is great for recruitment. We hope that by lending our voice, sharing our best practices, and serving as a leader and role model within the business community, that we can help other organizations get behind this common-sense proposal for a national paid family medical leave insurance program.” Emily Hall-Warren, Director of Administration, W.S. Badger

New Jersey

Herb Greenberg Caliper Corporation NJ

Herb Greenberg
Caliper Corp

“New Jersey’s Family Leave Insurance program has been a huge positive for Caliper. When you think about the cost of individuals leaving, the cost of seeking new employees, the cost of training them, etc., there is just no comparison in terms of the pure balance sheet.  This policy has saved my business money.  The FAMILY Act would bring these cost savings to businesses nationwide. A national family leave insurance policy is good for workers, good for businesses and good for the economy. It’s a no-brainer.” Herb Greenberg, Founder and CEO, Caliper Corp

New York

Romy Newman

“We created Fairygodboss to improve the lives and workplaces for women through transparency. Our website hosts a crowdsourced paid parental leave database, which helps workers learn more about the types of leave they can expect from various employers. As our database shows, a growing number of employers are offering paid family leave; they recognize that it not only supports employees, but also boosts the bottom line. However, we cannot simply rely on progressive employers to do the right thing — even when it is likely to improve their own employee retention and turnover. Too many workers miss out on the health, economic, and social benefits of paid leave because their employers don’t offer leave. That’s why it’s more important than ever to continue fighting for comprehensive paid leave legislation. The FAMILY Act — which is modeled after successful state programs — would no doubt meet the needs of the modern workforce so that people won’t have to choose between getting paid and supporting their loved ones.” Romy Newman, President and Co-Founder, Fairygodboss

Carolyn Barrett

Carolyn Barrett
Barrett International Technology, Inc

“As a working mom, I experienced firsthand what it is like to have to choose between doing my job and caring for my family. Now, as a business owner, I know how important it is to ensure that my employees have paid family and medical leave. The FAMILY Act will make it possible for me to offer paid family and medical leave without breaking the bank – and it will ensure that my workers don’t encounter the same struggles I was faced with while raising my children.” Carolyn Barrett, Founder and CEO, Barrett International Technology, Inc. 

David Bolotsky, Uncommon Goods NY

David Bolotsky

“The FAMILY Act is an important piece of legislation and UncommonGoods is proud to support it. Paid family leave insurance should be in every business model and the benefit is clear; a more productive workforce leads to a better bottom line. When workers succeed, businesses succeed and the FAMILY Act will help make this happen.” David Bolotsky, Founder & CEO, UncommonGoods 

Cynthia DiBartolo, Tigress Financial Partners

Cynthia DiBartolo
Tigress Financial Partners LLC
Greater New York Chamber of Commerce

“A large number of studies show that childcare, flexible work hours, and paid family leave all have a very high return on investment (ROI).  Moreover, there is compelling evidence that points to the fact that companies can measurably  improve their bottom line by transforming a company’s corporate culture into one of a truly caring organization —which basically means,  putting the interests of their employees first! The FAMILY Act will enable employers of all sizes to more easily offer paid family and medical leave. It will help businesses to do what’s good for employees and good for the bottom line.” Cynthia DiBartolo, CEO, Tigress Financial Partners LLC and Chairperson, Greater New York Chamber of Commerce

Carol Evans

Carol Evans
Working Mother Media

“Working Mother magazine’s 100 Best Companies has become a showcase for businesses that understand the importance of making it possible for mothers to both succeed in their jobs and care for their families. When I created it in 1986, that was a foreign concept. Then and now, the winning businesses recognize that workplace policies that support working moms are not only good for families, but also good for business. But this realization is not universal among businesses; only 11 percent have paid family and medical leave through their employers, and fewer than 40 percent have medical leave through short-term disability programs. When the Family and Medical Leave Act passed 20 years ago, guaranteeing some workers access to 12 weeks of unpaid leave, along with many others, I assumed that by now this leave would be paid. But it isn’t, and workers are still struggling to make ends meet when they need to take leave.The FAMILY Act would make it possible for women and men around the country to take paid leave in order to recover from illness, care for a sick family member, or bond with a new child. If enacted, this policy would soon prove to employers what many successful businesses already know: profits and policies that support working families can and do go hand-in-hand.” Carol Evans, President, Working Mother Media 

Kit Krugman

Kit Krugman
co:collective LLC

“Creative companies like co:collective are fueled by our diversity. Hiring people with different backgrounds brings a richness to our design and makes us a stronger company—and that includes people at different stages of life, including those who are welcoming a new child or caring for an aging parent. We know from experience that paid family and medical leave helps our team continue to contribute to our company’s success. That’s why we support the FAMILY Act. A nationwide family and medical leave insurance program will enable all workers to take the time they need to care for themselves and their loved ones, and ultimately enable them return to the workforce.” Kit Krugman, Chief Curator, co:collective LLC

North Carolina

Kevin Trapani

Kevin Trapani
Redwoods Group

“Our 80 person insurance and consulting firm, The Redwoods Group, already provides paid leave.  We welcome the FAMILY Act. We have discovered that when an employee takes paid family leave, there are some unexpected business benefits.  There is the obvious virtue that the employee who takes paid leave is more likely to return and thus save our company the costs of interviewing, hiring and retraining.   In addition, since we cover the work of an employee on leave by sharing it across the team, junior team members get a chance to learn and take on new responsibilities, furthering their development. That’s a hidden plus. A publically administered pool of funds for paid leave, such as the one proposed in the FAMILY Act, would be great for all employees. At Redwoods, we would use company funds to “top up” the amount that our employees would receive from the public pool. After all, our success rests on their shoulders.” Kevin Trapani, CEO, Redwoods Group 


Heather Whaling Geben, Geben Communications

Heather Whaling
Geben Communication

“Geben Communication supports the FAMILY Act because we believe paid leave is good for families – and good for business. Today’s workplace policies do not reflect the reality of today’s families. It’s time to rewrite the rules. At Geben, I provide 10 weeks of paid leave to all new moms and new dads, so we’ve seen the benefits of paid leave first hand. I also know from personal experience that it’s expensive for small businesses to provide this benefit. That’s why we need a funded, national policy. The FAMILY Act would ensure all employees have access to this benefit without it being cost prohibitive for businesses.” Heather Whaling, President, Geben Communication


Amy Donohue, Principal; Dawn Ridenour, CFO Boora Architects OR

Amy Donohue and Dawn Ridenour
Bora Architects

“Bora has fully adopted a paid family leave policy.  Our 65 employees now have access to 6 weeks of paid leave at 60% of their salary for maternity/paternity, to care for a sick child/parent/spouse, to bereave the loss of a family member or to mend from a serious personal injury or illness.  We reward staff longevity so the 60% is available to employees with us for three years while lesser amounts are available for less time with the company.  Any event triggering leave under the Oregon Family Leave Act qualifies for this benefit.  We analyzed company data and realized this was affordable and achievable.  Weighing the cost of family leave against the cost of hiring and training new employees made this an easy decision.  Taking care of our people is a priority.  They are the firm’s greatest asset, so supporting them in their personal lives is as important as providing the right tools in their professional lives.  It is our goal to encourage other firms to follow suit. We will also push for public policy because we care about our company but we also care about our country. The U.S. is a leader in the world on so many fronts , yet slow to act  when it comes to workers’ family needs.  At the state level here in Oregon and at the federal level through the FAMIILY Act, we hope to have laws soon that will support these basic needs.”  Amy Donohue, Principal; Dawn Ridenour, CFO, Bora Architects

Sabrina Parsons

Sabrina Parsons
Palo Alto Software

“As a CEO and mother, I believe that we need to change norms in corporate America to enable working parents to succeed, both in the workplace and at home. This begins with paid leave – no parent should be forced to rush back to work after the birth or adoption of a child. When new parents get the time they need to bond with their kids, they come back to work as more loyal and productive employees. That’s why I support the FAMILY Act, federal legislation that would help small businesses like mine to offer paid family and medical leave. It’s good for business and for workers – and it may help to spur the culture change that is so needed in our workplaces.” Sabrina Parsons, CEO, Palo Alto Software

Mitch Rofsky, Better World Club, Inc. OR

Mitch Rofsky
Better World Club, Inc.

“Any business owner can tell you: When workers are happy, businesses do better. If Congress wants to help businesses grow, it should pass the FAMILY Act and bring the U.S. in line with other developed countries. Businesses, employees—and the marketplace—will be better for it.” Mitch Rofsky, President, Better World Club 


Erika Yigzaw
American College of Healthcare Sciences

“Based in Portland, the American College of Healthcare Sciences has 31 full-time employees and one part time employee. ACHS is the first accredited online college offering holistic health education, with certificate, diploma, and undergraduate and graduate degree programs.  Even before Oregon passed a family leave law we offered paid parental leave for almost all of our employees; 6 weeks at full pay or 12 weeks at partial pay, prorated for part time employees. Parental leave makes sound business sense; it costs a fortune to recruit and train new employees.  I think a lot of business owners really don’t know about the research about the high costs of turnover..  Most businesses our size think they can’t afford to offer paid leave, but you really can’t afford not to!  I firmly believe we need public policy. As a country, we’re losing too much of our braintrust and our competitive advantage by not supporting our employees through the ups and downs that happen to us all. Let’s be real: Life happens. Legislation needs to recognize that and provide for it. That’s why I welcomed a law in Oregon and hope that the FAMILY Act follows soon on its heels at the Federal level.” Erika Yigzaw, CIO, American College of Healthcare Sciences


Georgia Berner Berner International Corp. PA

Georgia Berner
Berner International Corp.

“As the President and CEO of Berner International Corporation it is difficult to understand the opposition to having a National Family and Medical Leave insurance program. How exactly does it not make sense? Finding and retaining the best and brightest employees is a time consuming and costly function of running a business. To offer benefits that support employees and their families creates a partnership where both employer and employee have a sense of stability and security, employees are productive and healthy,  and U.S. companies are strong and profitable. Berner is the first U.S. manufacturer of air curtains. Air curtains create an air seal across an open doorway that keeps cold air on one side and warm air on the other, saving energy and creating healthy, comfortable environments. Located in New Castle, Pennsylvania, Berner has become an employer of choice in the region, grown to over 65 employees and continues to offer fully paid health benefits to all full-time employees.” Georgia Berner, President and CEO, Berner International Corp.

Rhode Island

Frank Ferri

Frank Ferri
Town Hall Lanes

“As a Rhode Island State Representative and a small business owner, I supported our state’s Temporary Caregiver Insurance (TCI) bill, which recently passed. We will be the third state in the country to implement a paid family leave insurance program. I support the FAMILY Act for the same reasons I supported TCI here in Rhode Island: it’s good for families, it’s good for business, and it’s good for the economy. I couldn’t be more committed to getting our economy on track, and I understand the challenges of running a profitable business. As a business owner, I am also committed to supporting my employees. When difficult times arise I am there for them. The FAMILY Act will help all employers to do the same.” Frank Ferri, Owner, Town Hall Lanes and Rhode Island State Representative 



Jade Chang Sheppard
Gideon Contracting

“I founded Gideon Contracting in 2005 and we now have five offices throughout Texas and California. Gideon is a thriving and growing commercial and federal contracting construction business. The Family and Medical Insurance Leave Act’s (FAMILY Act) makes providing paid family and medical leave affordable and a national standard makes sense – my workers in Texas and throughout the country have just as much reason to need pay during a family and medical leave as my California workers. As the daughter of Asian-American immigrants and the mother of two young boys, family responsibility and care could not be more important to me. As a business owner, I know that making sure workers have the time they need pays off in terms of more loyalty and productivity and enhances our bottom line in the long run. The FAMILY Act makes sense for my workers, my business and the communities we work in, and having a national standard makes good sense for all of us.” Jade Chang Sheppard, Founder, Gideon Contracting

Flora Brewer, Former owner, Rhythm Band Instruments, Fort Worth, TX

Flora Brewer
Former owner, Rhythm Band Instruments

“When I owned and operated Rhythm Band Instruments, a national and international school instrument distributor, from 1996 to 2008, I always looked for ways to take care of my 25 employees. We paid good hourly wages even for our warehouse employees and worked hard to offer health insurance plans and 5 paid sick days per year, but we could never afford short- or long-term disability insurance. Frankly, when employees had family care and health problems, we knew things were tough for them and we tried to help from our own pockets when we could. The Family and Medical Insurance Leave Act (FAMILY Act) would provide businesses like Rhythm Band Instruments an affordable way to assure that employees have some financial security during times like that. It would create certainty for employees and business owners alike without putting huge financial burdens on either one.” Flora Brewer, former owner, Rhythm Band Instruments 

Robert Loeb General Partner SurePoint Self Storage TX

Robert Loeb
SurePoint Self Storage

“As a General Partner in SurePoint Self Storage, a small business, and as a longtime owner of a family-owned welding business with 140 employees, I’ve seen the value of treating employees well. In my 40+ years in business, I have always tried to do business with this principle in mind. The Family and Medical Insurance Leave Act (FAMILY Act) would help me and other employers do what’s right.The FAMILY Act’s basic guarantee of paid family and medical leave through a shared-cost approach makes sense. In this Act, both costs and paid leave benefits are shared by both workers and their employers. And as a person who believes in work, I appreciate that the FAMILY Act is for working people and encourages workforce attachment. Making sure employees have money to afford the basics is good for business and good for the economy. It is time to make paid leave through the FAMILY Act a national standard.” Robert Loeb, General Partner, SurePoint Self Storage



Melinda Louise Moulton
Main Street Landing Burlington

“In a civilized society workers should not be penalized for taking time off from their jobs to care for themselves and their families. Paid family and medical leave insures the health and welfare of our workforce and instills loyalty and a sense of personal well being that will translate to a stronger bottom line for business. The FAMILY Act makes sense for employers and employees.” Melinda Louise Moulton, CEO, Main Street Landing 
Joey Bergstein, Seventh Generation

Joey Bergstein
Seventh Generation

“At Seventh Generation, we believe that paid leave must be a national priority to help our economy, our workforce, and above all, our families. Leading businesses recognize that workers inevitably need time away from work to attend to health or family issues. Paid parental leave helps families stay on track to meet new expenses and provides parents needed time to bond with their child. Paid leave is also good for business, improving worker retention, productivity, and morale. The Family And Medical Insurance Leave (FAMILY) Act a proposal that would create a national paid family and medical leave insurance program for all employees and is critical to nurturing the health of the next generation. Among all developed economies around the globe, the United States is the only country that does not guarantee paid maternity leave. Now is the time to change that by passing the FAMILY Act.” Joey Bergstein, CEO, Seventh Generation


Joe Fugere WA

Joe Fugere
Tutta Bella Pizzeria

“I know how important it is to hire and retain good employees. Paid family and medical leave means my employees can care for a new baby or heal from an accident without worrying about how they’re going to pay the rent. The FAMILY Act just makes common sense – for them and my business.” Joe Fugere, Owner, Tutta Bella Pizzeria 


Molly Neitzel
Molly Moon’s Ice Cream

“When you stop being scared of the math, and do the math, paid leave becomes more attainable to small businesses. This is especially true for the FAMILY Act, which would allow workers to draw on a pool of funds created by small payroll tax contributions, instead of requiring employers to foot the entire bill for workers’ leaves.” Molly Neitzel, Owner, Molly Moon’s Ice Cream


Don Orange
Hoesly Eco Automotive

“Paid family and medical leave would really help one of my employees right now, whose wife just had stomach surgery. Now he’s juggling her care, looking after his three kids, and working enough hours to keep them afloat. The cost of family and medical leave under the FAMILY Act is insignificant compared to the cost of not having a system like this.” Don Orange, Hoesly Eco Automotive


Sara F. Sanderson, Former Owner, People's Telephone Company, WI

Sara F. Sanderson
People’s Telephone Company

“When I took over my family’s small rural telephone company in Wisconsin in 1991, I wanted to continue our family tradition of doing right by our workers. We offered paid sick time, decent wages and other benefits, but there was no way for us to offer paid family and medical leave when our employees needed an extended time away from work to care for a newborn, an ill loved one or their own serious health problem. The FAMILY Act could have really helped us and our people. The small, shared cost of the paid family and medical leave insurance would have been well worth it to our company in terms of maintaining our workforce and meeting our workers’ needs. I wholeheartedly support the FAMILY Act and believe that if businesses look at their bottom lines, the benefits will be clear.” Sara F. Sanderson,  former owner, People’s Telephone Company 

National Business Associations

John Arensmeyer, SBM

John Arensmeyer
Small Business Majority

“Small employers know policies that address family and medical leave create a happier and more productive staff, which in turn leads to increased profits. What’s more, these type of policies help level the playing field between small businesses that want to offer this benefit but can’t, and their larger counterparts that can. Our research shows more than two-thirds of small business owners have some type of policy in place to provide family and medical leave to employees, but they still need help providing it. Small employers understand their staff is not just contributing to the success of their businesses and the economy, but also to the wellbeing of themselves and their families.” John Arensmeyer, Founder & CEO, Small Business Majority

Amanda Ballantyne
The Main Street Alliance


“Small business owners need employees they can count on, and paid family and medical leave is vital in developing a relationship where both the employee and employer are invested in each other. It lets employees know that whether or not they can clock in that day their employer stands behind them. The FAMILY Act would make it easier for employers to provide their employees with this critical support.” Amanda Ballantyne, National Director, The Main Street Alliance

Margot Dorfman, USWCC

Margot Dorfman
U.S. Women’s Chamber of Commerce

“Women business owners understand that paid family leave is valuable for both families and businesses. Already, workers in California, New Jersey, and Rhode Island have access to family leave insurance programs. The FAMILY Act will bring this important workplace standard to all Americans,  benefiting both employers and employees. It will reduce costs over the long term and level the playing field between small and large firms. Workers who have access to paid family leave are productive, loyal employees who spare businesses the high cost of turnover.” Margot Dorfman, CEO, US Women’s Chamber of Commerce

David Levine

David Levine
American Sustainable Business Council

 “The business case for the FAMILY Act is simple  good workplace policies make good business sense. Family leave insurance helps retain high quality talent, reduces costs, and ultimately improves the financial bottom line.” David Levine, CEO, American Sustainable Business Council

Does your business support the FAMILY Act? Get in touch to join the growing list of employers that support better workplaces — and better businesses.