Statement of California Human Resources Professionals for the FAMILY Act

We are a group of human resources experts in California. We have come together to advocate for the passage of the Family and Medical Insurance Leave (FAMILY) Act, a bill that would create a national paid family and medical leave insurance program, enabling employees to take up to 12 weeks to recover from serious illness, care for a sick loved one, or bond with a new child. The program would be funded entirely by small contributions from employers and employees.
As California H.R. leaders, we implement the state’s Paid Family Leave (PFL) program which has been law for nearly a decade. The federal FAMILY Act takes many of its elements from the successful model that has been in effect here since 2004. In our experience, PFL has been good for employee morale, productivity, and health. At the same time, we have not found it overly burdensome to implement. We expect the same will be true for a federal program, like that proposed under the FAMILY Act.
Although employers and employees in our state are already benefiting from a paid family leave program, as well as the California’s temporary disability insurance program, which provides medical leave, we believe a federal program makes sense. Not only will it extend the benefits that Californians already enjoy to the rest of the country, it will also make operations easier for companies with a multi-state presence, like some of ours. A uniform system that applies across state lines would simplify and streamline processes for such employers.
California H.R. Professionals for the FAMILY Act hopes that our expertise and experience will offer a unique perspective on this important legislation. We urge Congress to move this legislation forward quickly.
Jen Benz
CEO and Founder
Benz Communications
Annette Bonilla
Vice President and Director of Human Resources
Environmental Science Associates (ESA)
Katie Booser
Vice President of People Operations
Blue Bottle Coffee
Donald P. Lofe Jr.
Executive Vice President, Chief Financial Officer and Chief Administrative Officer
The Low Income Investment Fund (LIIF)
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