Stonyfield Adopts Six Months of Paid Parental Leave (October 11, 2015)

By Megan Doyle, Concord Monitor 

Stonyfield Farm will debut one of the most generous paid maternity leave programs in America next summer.

The Londonderry-based organic yogurt maker announced it will offer six months of paid maternity leave to mothers or the primary caregiver in a same-sex couple, beginning in June 2016. Thirty-six percent of Stonyfield’s 371 employees are women.

“We’ve been able to see what a difference it makes for parents and for families and for children when the primary caregiver is able to spend a significant amount of time at home upon the arrival of a new child,” said Liza Dube, communications and public relations director at Stonyfield. “Other countries all over the world offer this as a standard policy. It felt like it was time for us to catch up.”

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