Amazon Takes Paid Parental Leave So Seriously Even Spouses Get Paid Time Off (October 5, 2017)

By: Ruth Umoh, CNBC

When it comes to paid time off for new parents, the U.S. comes in last place among the 41 countries that comprise the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OCED). The government does not mandate any paid leave for parents, and as of March 2016, only 13 percent of all private industry workers had access to paid family leave, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

In the race for top talent, several U.S. tech companies have led the way on this issue, boosting their parental leave policies in recent years. Twitter, for instance, offers 20 weeks of paid leave to all new parents, and Facebook provides four months to full-time employees.

More than most, Amazon has been on the cutting edge. The retail behemoth not only offers a generous paid parental leave policy for both moms and dads, it also helps parents ramp back up after being out and even pays for its employees’ spouses who do not work at the company to take time off.

The company’s latest parental leave policies were launched in 2015 after employees said the previous policy wasn’t working for them.