Baltimore Businesses Address Gender Inequality, Build More Inclusive Cultures

By Lorraine Mirabella, Baltimore Sun

When he realized the refrigerator at his tech start-up was always being cleaned out by the same employee, a woman, Mike Subelsky told her to stop and took on the task himself. It was perhaps a small gesture to guard against workers falling into “traditional” male or female roles. But the founder of Staq hoped it would send a signal.

“I want people to know this is something everyone has to do, not just women,” Subelsky says.

Companies in the Baltimore area promote gender equality in a variety of ways. Some set strategies to achieve parity in hiring, pay, promotions and management, while others strive for a culture of equality. In an election year when issues such as equal pay are at top of mind, many employers are taking a fresh look at the issue, says Kerry Chou, compensation senior practice leader at human resources association World at Work.

While discrimination still occurs, “most employers are trying to do the right thing,” Chou says.

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