The Real Cost Of Paid Parental Leave For Business (January 28, 2016)

By Lydia Dishman, Fast Company 

In the last six months, many major tech companies have been doing what the U.S. government hasn’t: embracing paid parental leave policies. From Amazon (20 weeks) and Adobe (26 weeks for new birth mothers) toZestFinance (six months), many have extended their paid time-off benefits. Others such as Netflix are planning to give new parents up to a year off after the birth of a child, while Spotify took a page from its Swedish national policies to offer up to six months of leave with 100% pay for any new parent, birth, adopted, or surrogate.

ZestFinance’s chief people officer, Sonya Merrill, says that such benefits are an integral part of the six-year-old fintech company’s push to create a diverse and inclusive workplace. So far, in addition to extending its paid parental leave, the 100-person company has increased the total number of minority employees to 25%, and has a C-suite evenly split between men and women.

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