Connecticut Earned Sick Days, Testimony of Michael V. Brown, New Standard Institute

Paid Sick Leave
Testimony of Michael V. Brown President, New Standard Institute, Inc.
Submitted to the Labor and Public Employees Committee
of the Connecticut General Assembly regarding
S.B. 913, An Act Mandating Employers Provide Paid Sick Leave to Employees

Senator Prague, Representative Zalaski, Senator Gomes, Representative Santiago, and members of the Labor and Public Employees Committee:

Thank you for the opportunity to address your committee with testimony regarding my experience as both the owner of a business in the State of Connecticut and as a Management Consultant to the Manufacturing Industry worldwide.
My background is as follows: I have been a consulting engineer for approximately 30 years, 21 of them as the President and CEO of New Standard Institute, based in Milford.
I submitted testimony last year, attached to the printed version of today’s statement, in which I made three observations as a Management Consultant and business owner:
1. Sick people at work make other people sick.
2. Sick people are low productivity employees.
3. Sick people are prone to accidents.
I would like to amend my previous testimony with my opinion. As a management consultant I have observed an environment conducive for work is the best environment. As such:
1. I personally do not want to work in an environment where people feel compelled to come to work sick. I’m sure my associates in the office feel the same way.
2. Companies who provide paid leave to their employees are preferred employers in the market place for quality talent. We provide paid leave and our employees are top- notch.
3. More and more, a family friendly company is a preferred company by young technical applicants.
Please enact this law. Connecticut needs it to compete for high tech workers. This simple benefit will take us a long way.
Michael V. Brown President
New Standard Institute, Inc.
84 Broad Street Milford, CT 06460


Source: Connecticut General Assembly